Building with Purpose: Using Lego® Serious Play® in Play Therapy Supervision


Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) is an innovative facilitated methodology, using brick building and metaphoric story telling that has been successfully utilized in business, training, eduction, family and mentor con) process for use in individual and group play therapy supervision, with a targeted focus on play therapist professional identity.  The workshop provides an overview of playful supervision, the LSP methodology and process, adaptations, training opportunities, implications for practice and research within the play therapy community of practice.


Participants will:

1) Identify the two major theoretical underpinnings of Lego® Serious Play® that align with play therapy.

2) Identify three similarities and three differences between the adaptation of Lego® Serious Play®  methodology and sand tray in play therapy supervision.

3) Describe and experience how to use the four step process of this adapted model of Lego® Serious Play® in play therapy supervision.