Learned Helplessness Reconceptualized to Help Traumatized Clients Move Forward

Dr. Tousignant developed this new paradigm shift in the classic learned helplessness model to guide professionals in rethinking their client’s drive towards repetition and getting stuck in a rut. You will learn to explain to clients their own processes that add pieces to the puzzle of their life. In doing so they will trust you more, feel like you are talking their language, and goals become more meaningful!

Participants will:
1.  Understand a re-conceptualized model of learned helplessness that can facilitate traumatized client growth.

2.  Consider how traumatized clients can increase their trust in you through this model.

3.  Develop a frame for therapeutic work with traumatized clients that facilitates frequent reference throughout treatment, whether short-term or long term.

4.  Learn ways therapists and traumatized clients may not be talking the same language around goals.

5.   Learn how to use some key psychological principles that can help move treatment forward.