Self-Care for the Therapist


We all are aware that helping professionals are at risk for compassion fatigue, yet maintaining good self-care remains an ongoing challenge for even the most skilled providers.  This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to assess their current needs, receive support from other professionals with similar challenges and experiences, learn new techniques and resources for self-care, and create a follow-up plan so that they will return to their daily routines refreshed and equipped with new ways to maintain a satisfying balance in their professional and personal lives.


Participants will:

1. Use at least one assessment tool to identify current areas of need or vulnerability.

2. Using provided materials as well as feedback from discussion with other participants, explore techniques and resources for self-care.

3. Prioritize and choose at least one new technique or resource to meet current needs.

4. Create a personal follow-up plan to address current needs and to maintain balance as circumstances and needs change.