The Healing Gifts of Yoga for Therapists


This workshop will review the science of relaxation and some of the many yoga skills that psychotherapists can use to help their clients with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, stress, busy minds, and some other common issues.  The workshop will begin with an interactive lecture followed by discussion.   Afterwards participants will experience gentle, healing yoga  designed to deepen knowledge of the body (for self-care) and to use with clients.

Mats and props will be provided. No yoga experience necessary.   If participants have recently had surgery or have any limiting medical conditions, please get clearance from your physician before arriving.   Dress in comfortable clothing that permits movement–no buckles, buttons, or snaps.  Bring clothes to change into. A room for changing will be available.


Participants will:

1. Learn the science of relaxation.

2. Learn yoga skills which can be used when working with clients experiencing multiple mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, and stress.

3. Learn how to adapt yoga activities for use with the child client.